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The Momfidence Podcast

Jul 15, 2019

Hey babe! 

Today I'm giving you a sneak peek into a chapter from my manuscript, [name TBA] and this chapter is currently titled simply "stretch marks". It outlines the day I realized I hadn't escaped my pregnancy without them, and the start of a mindset shift journey once I had some perspective about them.


Hope you...

Jul 8, 2019

DRESS TO FEEL GOOD, BABE! Today I'm chatting with Mavis, one of the founders of Smithery Style, a company that works WITH you to style your unique body shape, and then helps you learn to SHOP YOUR SHAPE once you know what it is! 

Clothes are so important to how you feel about yourself on a daily basis. Whether you're...

Jul 1, 2019

Do you realize when you're getting stress? Do you acknowledge it? Are you aware of it? What happens when you're overwhelmed? 

This episode is scratching the surface on stress, what stress resiliency is, why moms experience so much stress, how to avoid accumulating stress, and some tips for dealing with stress when...

Jun 17, 2019

Ohhhh girl. Today I am speaking about something I'm super passionate about. Nike's recent "obese" mannequin has been making headlines and has been cause for some major discussion recently. 

Today I want to talk more about why body diversity is so important, and how I'm working on making a small shift within my own...

Jun 10, 2019

Ashley Meyer is joining us today all the way from sunny CALIFORNIA and she is bringing her tips for "doing it all" as a busy mom, without actually having to DO everything! 

Ashley is an accomplished lawyer, entrepreneur, mama and community builder, and is passionate about bringing women in business together so we can...