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The Momfidence Podcast

May 21, 2019

Today's episode is alllll about getting up EARLY and starting your day with INTENTION - and even if you think you're not a morning person (like I did!) Kim Fitzpatrick is about to drop some serious 
#TRUTHBOMBS about how you CAN establish a morning routine that will give you RESULTS and has the power to change your...

May 13, 2019

HEYOOOO what's up friends! Today I'm talking about the difference between intention and action - and how they relate but aren't exactly the same in terms of making change and creating movements in your mindset! 

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May 6, 2019

Hey mama! Today we're talking about SLEEP! Not just how to get a better one, but how to improve the sleep skills of you and your kiddos - using real strategies and techniques based on the actual SCIENCE of sleep! 

Brittney Stefanic is an expert Sleep Consultant working with families all over the world - whether you...

Apr 29, 2019

This episode serves as an introduction to Human Design and why knowing your own design can help you in every area of life! Amy Allchurch is an Energetic Business Strategist and an expert at Human Design, and she's giving us the 411 about this tool and how you can use it to better understand yourself, your choices,...

Apr 22, 2019

Hey girl!
Today's episode is an exploration of a new principle I just learned the term for - the Baader-Meinhof Principle. I knew about this phenomenon but did not ever know the name of it, and I've now learned that leaning on it can be a great way for strategizing how you handle your insecurities when you crop up.