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THE LEADHER SHOW - Leadership, Mindset, Growth & Self-Publishing For Women

Mar 25, 2019

Hi friend!
Today I'm chatting with fellow Mama and Fitness Trainer Kim Holmes, and we're digging into how to create a health strategy that is SIMPLE and uncomplicated. 

We will also dig into mindful eating, and the reasons why moms eat their feelings - PLUS Kim has lots of freebies if you listen allllllll the way...

Mar 18, 2019

HEY! If you know me, you know I've been a longtime corporate employee working for a BIG fitness company - well today I'm telling you how I decided to QUIT my corporate job to chase after my entrepreneurial spirit - it was SCARY and I was AFRAID - but I felt the fear and moved anyway. 

Today I'm talking about how you...

Mar 12, 2019

FRIENDS! I have the most fantastic author/speaker and coach on the show today - talking about the fitness industry AND a few different ways you can learn how to ROCK THE SH*T out of your body, on your own terms!

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Mar 4, 2019

Mama, if you've had a little one come into your life recently, this episode might be the one for you. New-motherhood is f*cking HARD. It isn't always rainbows and sunshine and cute onesies, as seen on social media. That expectation can lead you to think there's something wrong with you if you aren't having the MOST...