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THE LEADHER SHOW - Leadership, Mindset, Growth & Self-Publishing For Women

Oct 22, 2020

Today I'm chatting with Melinda Lemay, CEO and Creative Director of Picks and Giggles, a company that connects local shoppers with local businesses, traditionally in LIVE vendor shows several times per year. 

And then... #COVID. Melinda had to figure out what to do with her business that was primarily an IRL...

Oct 16, 2020

WELL. Today's episode is a NEAT rant recorded while I was on a long road trip recently. I'm talking about the damaging effect on constantly complimenting weight loss, and why it's starting to become a problem we're perpetuating when we constantly talk about our bodies in order to justify that we accept them.

I'd love to...

Oct 12, 2020

Hi friend, today's episode is about something that's thrown around as a casual evening activity, but is actually something worth talking about and that is... Mommy Wine Culture. 

What is this "Wine Culture" and why is it so common for moms to joke and laugh about how they can't possibly handle parenting unless they...

Oct 9, 2020

Today I'm chatting with Therapist Eli Weinstein about the difficulties of parenthood, strategies for lessening the "blow" (just kidding, kinda), killer communication techniques, and why therapy isn't just for broken people or people who have been through challenging or traumatic situations. 

Find Eli on Instagram, (

Oct 5, 2020

Today my guest is content creator, author, YouTuber, mom-boss & multiple biz-owner Milli Fox (@millifox; Milli and I became fast friends in 2018; first meeting IRL, then expanding our friendship virtually, and now being, like, actual real friends.

We're discussing confidence and all the underlying...