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The LeadHer Show

Apr 3, 2020

Positivity is sought after. Everybody wants it. If I asked if you wanted to be a "Positive Polly" or a "Negative Nancy" for the rest of your life, I think I know which one you'd prefer.

(Though I'd like to suggest that you pick secret option C, "Fluctuating Felicia", which would instead mean your emotions are regulated and you are sometimes positive and sometimes negative and hanging out somewhere in the middle most times.)

We're all sitting around, feeling the pressure to have and produce "only" good vibes, wondering why all said vibes are not, in fact, "good", and then feeling bad about not being perpetually positive. I'm about to lay down some truth for you.

You ready?

Pop in your earbuds and let's tackle this together!

For more information about the "Hawkins Scale" mentioned in this episode, check out and read the entire blog post on why #GoodVibesOnly is a CROCK!